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SOMs can be used as a means of learning principal manifolds.

Graphical representations of numerical data are important to discover qualitative properties.

Visualizations of numerical data are important in science.

For humans doing research, visualizations are not just handy—they are part of the research

For humans running simulations, visualizations (output representations) are not just handy—they are actually part of the simulations because without those, humans cannot interpret the results.

Slides are presenter-oriented---the format in itself does not provide for interaction between presenter and audience.

Slides have low spatial resolution.

When creating slides, one is tempted (if not encouraged) to abridge important information.

PowerPoint encourages structuring information hierarchically. However, not all information is naturally structured hierarchically.

PowerPoint's popularity stems from its convenience to the prestenter, not the audience.

When putting all information into slides, one is required to over-fill slides or break up information into very small chunks.

Low spatial resolution leads to "over-generalizations, imprecise statements, slogans, lightweight evidence, abrupt and thinly-argued claims."

Low spatial resolution leads to "over-generalizations, imprecise statements, slogans, lightweight evidence, abrupt and thinly-argued claims."

"Many true statements are too long to fit on a PP slide, but this does not mean we should abbreviate the truth to make the words fit."

Information that does not fit on a slide must be presented some other way---eg. verbally!

Low spatial resolution forces one to spread the information over long sequences of slides. Sequences of slides make it hard to understand context and relationships.

(Bullet) lists are ok in presentations for conveying three kinds of facts:

  • sequentiality (in time, space etc.)
  • priority
  • set membership

If the relationship is any more complex, different means of presentation are necessary.

Tufte states that a sentence or series of sentences usually is more informative than the abridged statements on slides. However, a presenter does not want the audience to read while they are talking. Thus, sentences and series of sentences shouldn't be on slides.

Hierarchies tempt the audience to stop reading after the first level which typically is especially over-simplified.

Kohonen says the main virtue of SOMs lies in data visualization

Kohonen groups applications of SOMs into

  • statistical methods
    • exploratory data analysis
    • statistical analysis in organization of texts
  • industrial analyzes, control, telecommunications
  • financial applications

Manifold-mapping is important in visualization. (Think (world) map projection)