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Maps of sensory space in different sensory modalities can, if brought into register, give rise to an amodal representation of space.

Representing an object by only one neuron (a `grandmother cell') makes subsequent processing very easy.

Krauzlis et al.'s argument that SC deactivation should have changed neural responses in cortex if it regulated attention through visual cortex is a bit weak considering that stimulating SC does change sensory representations in v4.

Patrick Winston says that Rodney Brooks was wrong in neglecting "model making", representational processes in human cognition.

The components of `Bayesian Fundamentalist's' psychological models critically are not assumed to correspond to anything in the subject's mind.

A representation of probabilities is not necessary for optimal estimation.

The concept of situatedness assumes that cognition does not represent a universally correct way, but in one that satisfies the constraints of the current task and environment.

Situatedness and connectionism share the following concepts:

  • distributed processing,
  • decentralization,
  • context dependence.