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Neural codes with overlapping receptive fields are less likely to be corrupted by noise than codes in which each neuron codes for only one value.

Multisensory input can provide redundant information on the same thing.

Redundancy reduces uncertainty and increases reliability.

The redundancy provided my multisensory input can facilitate or even enable learning.

Some sensory-motor maps are complex: they are not a simple spatiotopic mapping, but comprise internally spatiotopic `neighborhoods' which, on a much greater scale are organized spatiotopically, but across which the same point in space may be represented redundantly.

The complex structure of sensory-motor maps may be due to a mapping from a high-dimensional manifold into a two-dimensional space. This kind of map would also occur in Ring's motmaps.

Redundancy reduction, predictive coding, efficient coding, sparse coding, and energy minimization are related hypotheses with similar predictions. All these theories are reasonably successful in explaining biological phenomena.