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According to Ursino et al., there are two theories about the benefit of multisensory convergence at lower levels of cortical processing: One is that convergence helps resolve ambiguity and improves reliability. The other theory is that it helps predict perceptions.

I believe that one use of multisensory convergence, in early cortex and in sub-cortical regions, is useful because often responses do not depend on the modality but on the content. The SC, for example initiates orienting actions towards salient stimuli. It does not matter whether these are salient visual or auditory stimuli—it's always a good idea to orient towards them.

There are multisensory neurons in the newborn macaque monkey's deep sc.

General sensory maps (and map register) are already present in the newborn macaque monkey's deep SC (though receptive fields are large).

Maturational state of the deep SC is different between species—particularly between altricial and precocial species.

The receptive fields of multisensory neurons in the deep SC which are close to one another are highly correlated.

Wickelgren found the receptive fields of audio-visual neurons in the deep SC to have no sharp boundaries.

A deep SC neuron which receives enough information from one modality to reliably determine whether a stimulus is in its receptive field does not improve its performance much by integrating information from another modality.

Patton et al. use this insight to explain the diversity of uni-sensory and multisensory neurons in the deep SC.

Graziano and Gross found visuo-somatosensory neurons in those regions of the putamen which code for arms and the face in somatosensory space.

Visuo-somatosensory neurons in the putamen with somatosensory RFs in the face are very selective: They seem to respond to visual stimuli consistent with an upcoming somatosensory stimulus (close-by objects approaching to the somatosensory RFs of the neurons).

Some cells in MST are multisensory.

The visual and auditory maps in the deep SC are in spatial register.