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Activation builds up in build-up neurons in the intermediate SC during the preparation of a saccade.

Activation build-up in build-up neurons is modulated by spatial attention.

Beck et al. model build-up in the SC as accumulation of evidence from sensory input.

Robinson reports two types of motor neurons in the deep SC: One type has strong activity just (~20 milliseconds) before the onset of a saccade. The other type has gradually increasing activity whose peak is, again, around 12-20 milliseconds before onset.

Currently, three types of saccade-related neurons are distinguished in the deep SC:

  • Burst- and build-up neurons on the one hand,
  • fixation neurons on the other.

Some models assume SC output encodes saccade amplitude and direction. In other models, each spike from a burst neuron encodes a motion segment, with length and direction depending on the position of the neuron and strength of connection to brainstem areas