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I believe that one use of multisensory convergence, in early cortex and in sub-cortical regions, is useful because often responses do not depend on the modality but on the content. The SC, for example initiates orienting actions towards salient stimuli. It does not matter whether these are salient visual or auditory stimuli—it's always a good idea to orient towards them.

Neurons in the deep SC whose activity spikes before a saccade have preferred amplitudes and directions: Each of these neurons spikes strongest before a saccade with these properties and less strongly before different saccades.

Some argue that the main task of cognition is generating the correct actions.

The idea that neural activity does not primarily represent the world but 'action pointers', as put by Engel et al., speaks to the deep SC which is both 'multi-modal' and 'motor'.

Some models assume SC output encodes saccade amplitude and direction. In other models, each spike from a burst neuron encodes a motion segment, with length and direction depending on the position of the neuron and strength of connection to brainstem areas