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An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems (12 June 2001) by Michael Wooldridge
    abstract = {{This is the first textbook to be explicitly designed for use as a course text for an undergraduate/graduate course on multi-agent systems. Assuming only a basic understanding of computer science, this text provides an introduction to all the main issues in the theory and practice of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. 

* The companion Web Site includes sample exercises, lecture slidest and hyperlinks to software referred to in the book
* Introduces agents, explains what agents are, how they are constructed and how they can be made to co-operate effectively with one another in large-scale systems
* Introduces the main issues surrounding the design of intelligent agents
* Introduces a number of typical applications for agent technology

} {Multiagent systems represent a new way of conceptualising and implementing distributed software. An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems is the first modern textbook on this important topic. It provides a comprehensive introduction to intelligent agents and multiagent systems. The book assumes no specialist knowledge. It introduces the idea of agents as software systems that can act autonomously, and leads the reader through a detailed discussion of: ways that agents can be built how agents can reach agreements the languages that agents can use to communicate with one-another co-operation and co-ordination in agent systems and the applications of agent technology. Designed and written specifically for undergraduates and computing professionals, the book is supported by extensive online teaching resources, including a complete set of lecture slides. Illustrated with many informal examples, and packed with more than 500 references, An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems is a must-read for students and practitioners of agent systems alike.}}, address = {New York, NY, USA}, author = {Wooldridge, Michael}, day = {12}, edition = {1st}, howpublished = {Paperback}, isbn = {047149691X}, keywords = {agent, ai, probability, robot, symbolic, unsupervised-learning}, month = jun, posted-at = {2012-05-30 09:00:04}, priority = {2}, publisher = {John Wiley \& Sons}, title = {An Introduction to {MultiAgent} Systems}, url = {\&path=ASIN/047149691X}, year = {2001} }

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