Show Reference: "Superior Colliculus: Some Receptive Field Properties of Bimodally Responsive Cells"

Superior Colliculus: Some Receptive Field Properties of Bimodally Responsive Cells Science, Vol. 173, No. 3991. (02 July 1971), pp. 69-72, doi:10.1126/science.173.3991.69 by Barbara G. Wickelgren
    abstract = {Many cells in the intermediate and deep gray layers of the superior colliculus of the cat respond to both auditory and visual stimuli. These cells have similar receptive fields for both modalities and are directionally selective for both modalities, requiring stimuli moving laterally away from the animal. Perhaps cells that integrate auditory and visual information participate in the control of orienting and following responses to stimuli of both modalities.},
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Many neurons in the cat and monkey deep SC are uni-sensory.

The receptive fields of multisensory neurons in the deep SC which are close to one another are highly correlated.

Wickelgren found the receptive fields of audio-visual neurons in the deep SC to have no sharp boundaries.

Both visual and auditory neurons in the deep SC usually prefer moving stimuli and are direction selective.

The range of directions deep SC neurons are selective for is usally wide.

Receptive fields of SC neurons in different modalities tend to overlap.

The deeper levels of SC are the targets of projections from cortex, auditory, somatosensory and motor systems in the brain.

Visual receptive fields in the deeper SC are larger than in the superficial SC.

Most of the multi-sensory neurons in the (cat) SC are audio-visual followed by visual-somatosensory, but all other combinations can be found.