Show Reference: "Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus: a neural network model"

Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus: a neural network model Journal of Computational Neuroscience In Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Vol. 26, No. 1. (1 February 2009), pp. 55-73, doi:10.1007/s10827-008-0096-4 by Mauro Ursino, Cristiano Cuppini, Elisa Magosso, Andrea Serino, Giuseppe Pellegrino
    abstract = {Neurons in the superior colliculus ({SC}) are known to integrate stimuli of different modalities (e.g., visual and auditory) following specific properties. In this work, we present a mathematical model of the integrative response of {SC} neurons, in order to suggest a possible physiological mechanism underlying multisensory integration in {SC}. The model includes three distinct neural areas: two unimodal areas (auditory and visual) are devoted to a topological representation of external stimuli, and communicate via synaptic connections with a third downstream area (in the {SC}) responsible for multisensory integration. The present simulations show that the model, with a single set of parameters, can mimic various responses to different combinations of external stimuli including the inverse effectiveness, both in terms of multisensory enhancement and contrast, the existence of within- and cross-modality suppression between spatially disparate stimuli, a reduction of network settling time in response to cross-modal stimuli compared with individual stimuli. The model suggests that non-linearities in neural responses and synaptic (excitatory and inhibitory) connections can explain several aspects of multisensory integration.},
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