Show Reference: "Stimulus saliency modulates pre-attentive processing speed in human visual cortex."

Stimulus saliency modulates pre-attentive processing speed in human visual cortex. PloS one, Vol. 6, No. 1. (2011), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016276 by Thomas Töllner, Michael Zehetleitner, Klaus Gramann, Hermann J. Müller
    abstract = {The notion of a saliency-based processing architecture [1] underlying human vision is central to a number of current theories of visual selective attention [e.g., 2]. On this view, focal-attention is guided by an overall-saliency map of the scene, which integrates (sums) signals from pre-attentive sensory feature-contrast computations (e.g., for color, motion, etc.). By linking the Posterior Contralateral Negativity ({PCN}) component to reaction time ({RT}) performance, we tested one specific prediction of such salience summation models: expedited shifts of focal-attention to targets with low, as compared to high, target-distracter similarity. For two feature-dimensions (color and orientation), we observed decreasing {RTs} with increasing target saliency. Importantly, this pattern was systematically mirrored by the timing, as well as amplitude, of the {PCN}. This pattern demonstrates that visual saliency is a key determinant of the time it takes for focal-attention to be engaged onto the target item, even when it is just a feature singleton.},
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