Show Reference: "Cerebellar lesions impair rapid saccade amplitude adaptation."

Cerebellar lesions impair rapid saccade amplitude adaptation. Neurology, Vol. 57, No. 11. (11 December 2001), pp. 2105-2108 by Andreas Straube, Heiner Deubel, Jochen Ditterich, Thomas Eggert
    abstract = {This study investigated whether the cerebellum is essential for rapid saccade adaptation. Saccade adaptation was elicited by 30\% backward target steps during the primary saccade. Patients with cerebellar lesions adapted less than normal subjects, but saccade adaptation was most impaired in the group of patients with cerebellar degeneration. As the variability of the saccade gain in patients with cerebellar degeneration did not significantly differ from that in the other patients, the increased variability in motor performance due to a cerebellar lesion cannot alone explain this impaired adaptation.},
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The cerebellum seems involved in saccade adaptation.