Show Reference: "Large Questions about Multisensory Processing"

Large Questions about Multisensory Processing In The New Handbook of Multisensory Processing (1 June 2012), pp. 97-102 by Charles E. Schroeder edited by Barry E. Stein
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Schroeder names two general definitions of multisensory integration: One includes any kind of interaction between stimuli from different senses, the other only integration of information about the same object of the real world from different sensory modalities.

These definitions both are definitions on the functional level as opposed to the biological level with which Stein's definition is concerned.

Multisensory integration can be thought of as a special case of integration of information from different sources---be they from one physical modality or from many.

Studying multisensory integration instead of the integration of information from different channels from the same modality tends to be easier because the stimuli can be more reliably separated in experiments.

Schroeder argues that multisensory integration is not separate from general cue integration and that information gleaned about the former can help understand the latter.