Show Reference: "A Synaptic Strategy for Consolidation of Convergent Visuotopic Maps"

A Synaptic Strategy for Consolidation of Convergent Visuotopic Maps Neuron, Vol. 71, No. 4. (25 August 2011), pp. 710-724, doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2011.06.023 by Marnie A. Phillips, Matthew T. Colonnese, Julie Goldberg, et al.
    abstract = {The mechanisms by which experience guides refinement of converging afferent pathways are poorly understood. We describe a vision-driven refinement of corticocollicular inputs that determines the consolidation of retinal and visual cortical ({VC}) synapses on individual neurons in the superficial superior colliculus ({sSC}). Highly refined corticocollicular terminals form 12 days after eye-opening ({EO}), accompanied by {VC}-dependent filopodia sprouting on proximal dendrites, and {PSD}-95 and {VC}-dependent quadrupling of functional synapses. Delayed {EO} eliminates synapses, corticocollicular terminals, and spines on {VC}-recipient dendrites. Awake recordings after {EO} show that {VC} and retina cooperate to activate {sSC} neurons, and {VC} light responses precede {sSC} responses within intervals promoting potentiation. Eyelid closure is associated with more protracted cortical visual responses, causing the majority of {VC} spikes to follow those of the colliculus. These data implicate spike-timing plasticity as a mechanism for cortical input survival, and support a cooperative strategy for retinal and cortical coinnervation of the {sSC}. º Retinal and cortical inputs to superior colliculus converge on single {SC} neurons º Experience allows integration of the late-arriving input from cortex into the {SC} º Visual deprivation by closing the eyelids upregulates V1 network activity º Visual experience guides synaptogenesis by the descending corticocollicular pathway},
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