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The Design of the iCub Humanoid Robot International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, Vol. 09, No. 04. (7 November 2012), 1250027, doi:10.1142/s0219843612500272 by Alberto Parmiggiani, Marco Maggiali, Lorenzo Natale, et al.
    abstract = {This article describes the hardware design of the {iCub} humanoid robot. The {iCub} is an open-source humanoid robotic platform designed explicitly to support research in embodied cognition. This paper covers the mechanical and electronic design of the first release of the robot. A series upgrades developed for the second version of the robot ({iCub2}), which are aimed at the improvement of the mechanical and sensing performance, are also described.},
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Parmiggiani et al. describe the design of the iCub robot.