Show Reference: "Seeing and hearing and space and space and time"

Seeing and hearing and space and space and time In Perception & Psychophysics, Vol. 11, No. 1. (1972), pp. 46-48, doi:10.3758/bf03212682 by Neil O’Connor, Beate Hermelin
    abstract = {A previous experiment had shown spatial location to be judged in terms of the framework provided by the modality in which stimuli were presented. In the present study, digits were either auditorally or visually presented, and in either form the three digits appeared successivly to the left, in the center, and to the right of the S. The digit which occurred temporally in the middle of the sequence was never central from the spatial viewpoint. The S was asked to indicate which digit was the middle one. Ss were blind, deaf, or normal. The deaf and two control groups saw visual displays, and the blind and their controls heard auditory displays. The former groups predominantly chose the spatially middle digit and the latter groups the temporally middle. It was concluded that modality of presentation was the trigger which switched in the coding dimension of time or space.},
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