Show Reference: "Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex"

Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex (28 August 2005) by Risto Miikkulainen, James A. Bednar, Yoonsuck Choe, Joseph Sirosh
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Newborns track schematic, face-like visual stimuli in the periphery, up to one month of age. They start tracking such stimuli in central vision after about 2 months. and stop after 5.

According to Johnson and Morton, there are two visual pathways for face detection: the primary cortical pathway and one through SC and pulvinar.

The cortical pathway is called CONLEARN and is theorized to be plastic, whereas the sub-cortical pathway is called CONSPEC and is thought to be fixed and genetically predisposed to detect conspecific faces.

Miikulainen et al. use their SOM-based algorithms to model the visual cortex.

Miikulainen et al. use a hierarchical version of their SOM-based algorithm to model natural development of visual capabilities.

Retinal waves of spontaneous activity in the retina occur before photoreceptors develop.

They are thought to be involved in setting up the spatial organization of the visual pathway.