Show Reference: "A Role for Neural Integrators in Perceptual Decision Making"

A Role for Neural Integrators in Perceptual Decision Making Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 13, No. 11. (1 November 2003), pp. 1257-1269, doi:10.1093/cercor/bhg097 by Mark E. Mazurek, Jamie D. Roitman, Jochen Ditterich, Michael N. Shadlen
    abstract = {Decisions based on uncertain information may benefit from an accumulation of information over time. We asked whether such an accumulation process may underlie decisions about the direction of motion in a random dot kinetogram. To address this question we developed a computational model of the decision process using ensembles of neurons whose spiking activity mimics neurons recorded in the extrastriate visual cortex (area {MT} or V5) and a sensorimotor association area of the parietal lobe (area {LIP}). The model instantiates the hypothesis that neurons in sensorimotor association areas compute the time integral of sensory signals from the visual cortex, construed as evidence for or against a proposition, and that the decision is made when the integrated evidence reaches a threshold. The model explains a variety of behavioral and physiological measurements obtained from monkeys.},
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