Show Reference: "Signals from the Deep: Reach-Related Activity in the Human Superior Colliculus"

Signals from the Deep: Reach-Related Activity in the Human Superior Colliculus The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 32, No. 40. (03 October 2012), pp. 13881-13888, doi:10.1523/jneurosci.0619-12.2012 by Walter Linzenbold, Marc Himmelbach
    abstract = {Neurophysiological studies in nonhuman species indicated that neurons in the superior colliculus ({SC}) are involved in the control of upper limb movements. These findings suggested that the {SC} represents a crucial hub in a general sensorimotor network, including skeletomotor as much as oculomotor functions. In contrast to the {SC} in the various animal models, the human {SC} is largely unknown territory. In particular, it is unknown whether findings of reach-related activity in the nonhuman {SC} can be extrapolated to humans. Using {fMRI} we found signal increases at superficial/intermediate and deep locations at the {SC} during the execution of arm movements. In contrast, signals related to saccade execution were confined to the superficial and intermediate locations. Although targets for reaching were presented in the left and right hemifields under central fixation, we found a lateralization of reach-related signals with respect to the active arm. In contrast, saccade-related activity was bilateral, in agreement with the bilateral target presentation and the resulting directions of saccades. Our results suggest that the human {SC} not only contributes to the coordination of eye movements and spatial shifts of attentions but also to the sensorimotor control of arm movements.},
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The SC also seems to be involved in reaching and other forelimb-related motor tasks and has been associated with complex vision-guided arm-gestures in humans.