Show Reference: "Phonetic Feature Discovery in Speech Using Snap-Drift Learning Artificial Neural Networks"

Phonetic Feature Discovery in Speech Using Snap-Drift Learning Artificial Neural Networks Vol. 4132 (2006), pp. 952-962, doi:10.1007/11840930_99 by Sin Lee, Dominic Palmer-Brown edited by Stefanos Kollias, Andreas Stafylopatis, Wlodzislaw Duch, Erkki Oja
    abstract = {This paper presents a new application of the snap-drift algorithm [1]: feature discovery and clustering of speech waveforms from non-stammering and stammering speakers. The learning algorithm is an unsupervised version of snap-drift which employs the complementary concepts of fast, minimalist learning ( snap ) \& slow drift (towards the input pattern) learning. The {Snap-Drift} Neural Network ({SDNN}) is toggled between snap and drift modes on successive epochs. The speech waveforms are drawn from a phonetically annotated corpus, which facilitates phonetic interpretation of the classes of patterns discovered by the {SDNN}.},
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