Show Reference: "A Neural Map of Auditory Space in the Owl"

A Neural Map of Auditory Space in the Owl Science, Vol. 200, No. 4343. (19 May 1978), pp. 795-797, doi:10.1126/science.644324 by Eric I. Knudsen, Masakazu Konishi
    abstract = {Auditory units that responded to sound only when it originated from a limited area of space were found in the lateral and anterior portions of the midbrain auditory nucleus of the owl (Tyto alba). The areas of space to which these units responded (their receptive fields) were largely independent of the nature and intensity of the sound stimulus. The units were arranged systematically within the midbrain auditory nucleus according to the relative locations of their receptive fields, thus creating a physiological map of auditory space.},
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Knudsen and Konishi refer to the nucleus mesencephalus lateralis dorsalis as the avian homologue of the mammalian inferior colliculus.

The external nucleus of the inferior colliculus (ICx) of the barn owl represents a map of auditory space.