Show Reference: "The superior colliculus encodes gaze commands in retinal coordinates"

The superior colliculus encodes gaze commands in retinal coordinates Nature Neuroscience, Vol. 4, No. 6. (01 June 2001), pp. 627-632, doi:10.1038/88450 by Eliana M. Klier, Hongying Wang, J. Douglas Crawford
    abstract = {The superior colliculus ({SC}) has a topographic map of visual space, but the spatial nature of its output command for orienting gaze shifts remains unclear. Here we show that the {SC} codes neither desired gaze displacement nor gaze direction in space (as debated previously), but rather, desired gaze direction in retinal coordinates. Electrical micro-stimulation of the {SC} in two head-free (non-immobilized) monkeys evoked natural-looking, eye-head gaze shifts, with anterior sites producing small, fixed-vector movements and posterior sites producing larger, strongly converging movements. However, when correctly calculated in retinal coordinates, all of these trajectories became 'fixed-vector.' Moreover, our data show that this eye-centered {SC} command is then further transformed, as a function of eye and head position, by downstream mechanisms into the head- and body-centered commands for coordinated eye-head gaze shifts.},
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The motor map of in the dSC is retinotopic.