Show Reference: "Action-Driven Perception : Neural Architectures Based On Sensorimotor Principles"

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There is the view that perception is an active process and cannot be understood without an active component.

The terms active vision',active perception', smart sensing',animate vision' are sometimes used synonymously.

Active perception and its synonyms usually refer to a sensor which can be moved to change the way it perceives the world.

The way in which the perception of the world changes when the sensor is moved physically is a source of information in addition to static perception of the world.

Kleesiek et al. use a recurrent neural network with parametric bias (RNNPB) to classify objects from the multisensory percepts induced by interacting with them.

Kleesiek et al. introduce adaptive learning rates to RNNPB which results in faster and more stable training.

RNNPB learns sequences of inputs unsupervised (self-organized).

Similar parametric bias vectors are learned by the RNNPB for similar input.