Show Reference: "Functional development of a central visual map in cat"

Functional development of a central visual map in cat Journal of Neurophysiology, Vol. 72, No. 1. (July 1994), pp. 266-272 by Chang-Qing Kao, John G. McHaffie, M. Alex Meredith, Barry E. Stein
    abstract = {1. The onset of visual activity in the superficial layers of the cat superior colliculus begins abruptly at about 6 days postnatal ({DPN}), just before natural eye opening. Despite the presence of many inactive sites at this time, the systematic nature of the superior colliculus visuotopy is already evident. The number of inactive sites across the horizontal dimension of the superficial layers decreases rapidly so that by 9-10 {DPN} most sites are visually responsive. 2. Initially, visual activity is restricted to the topmost portion of the superficial gray layer, where W-cell terminals predominate, but rapidly extends down to include Y-cell territory at 10 {DPN}. 3. In contrast to what might have been expected based on earlier behavioral observations, there was no physiological evidence for a central-to-peripheral gradient in the development of the superior colliculus visuotopy. Rather, the entire visual field is well represented long before the expression of any visually initiated behaviors. 4. In contrast to the rapidity of the appearance and organization of the visual representation in superficial layers, deep layers remain refractory to visual stimuli for weeks.},
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Kao et al. did not find visually responsive neurons in the deep layers of the cat SC within the first three postnatal weeks.