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twister - a P2P microblogging platform (26 Dec 2013) by Miguel Freitas
    abstract = {This paper proposes a new microblogging architecture based on peer-to-peer
networks overlays. The proposed platform is comprised of three mostly
independent overlay networks. The first provides distributed user registration
and authentication and is based on the Bitcoin protocol. The second one is a
Distributed Hash Table ({DHT}) overlay network providing key/value storage for
user resources and tracker location for the third network. The last network is
a collection of possibly disjoint "swarms" of followers, based on the
Bittorrent protocol, which can be used for efficient near-instant notification
delivery to many users. By leveraging from existing and proven technologies,
twister provides a new microblogging platform offering security, scalability
and privacy features. A mechanism provides incentive for entities that
contribute processing time to run the user registration network, rewarding such
entities with the privilege of sending a single unsolicited ("promoted")
message to the entire network. The number of unsolicited messages per day is
defined in order to not upset users.},
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Freitas proposes a p2p microblogging system based, among other things, on a DHT borrowed from bittorrent and elliptic curve cryptography cryptography and a notary system borrowed from the BitCoin system.