Show Reference: "When and Why Noise Correlations Are Important in Neural Decoding"

When and Why Noise Correlations Are Important in Neural Decoding The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 33, No. 45. (06 November 2013), pp. 17921-17936, doi:10.1523/jneurosci.0357-13.2013 by Hugo G. Eyherabide, Inés Samengo
    abstract = {Information may be encoded both in the individual activity of neurons and in the correlations between their activities. Understanding whether knowledge of noise correlations is required to decode all the encoded information is fundamental for constructing computational models, brain–machine interfaces, and neuroprosthetics. If correlations can be ignored with tolerable losses of information, the readout of neural signals is simplified dramatically. To that end, previous studies have constructed decoders assuming that neurons fire independently and then derived bounds for the information that is lost. However, here we show that previous bounds were not tight and overestimated the importance of noise correlations. In this study, we quantify the exact loss of information induced by ignoring noise correlations and show why previous estimations were not tight. Further, by studying the elementary parts of the decoding process, we determine when and why information is lost on a single-response basis. We introduce the minimum decoding error to assess the distinctive role of noise correlations under natural conditions. We conclude that all of the encoded information can be decoded without knowledge of noise correlations in many more situations than previously thought.},
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