Show Reference: "A Large-Scale Model of the Functioning Brain"

A Large-Scale Model of the Functioning Brain Science, Vol. 338, No. 6111. (30 November 2012), pp. 1202-1205, doi:10.1126/science.1225266 by Chris Eliasmith, Terrence C. Stewart, Xuan Choo, et al.
    abstract = {A central challenge for cognitive and systems neuroscience is to relate the incredibly complex behavior of animals to the equally complex activity of their brains. Recently described, large-scale neural models have not bridged this gap between neural activity and biological function. In this work, we present a 2.5-million-neuron model of the brain (called "Spaun") that bridges this gap by exhibiting many different behaviors. The model is presented only with visual image sequences, and it draws all of its responses with a physically modeled arm. Although simplified, the model captures many aspects of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and psychological behavior, which we demonstrate via eight diverse tasks.},
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Pure neural modeling does not explain complex behavior.

Much of neural processing can be understood as compression and de-compression.

The number of neurons in the lower stages of the visual processing hierarchy (V1) is much lower than in the higher stages (IT).

Eliasmith et al. model sensory-motor processing as task-dependent compression of sensory data and decompression of motor programs.