Show Reference: "The Eph family in retinal axon guidance"

The Eph family in retinal axon guidance Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Vol. 7, No. 1. (February 1997), pp. 75-80 by Uwe Drescher, Friedrich Bonhoeffer, Bernhard K. Müller
    abstract = {The continued functional characterization of Eph-related receptors and ligands has provided further information toward an understanding of the mechanisms controlling the retinotectal projection. Recent in vivo analyses have strengthened the idea that Engrailed defines the positional identity of the tectum along the anteroposterior axis, possibly by regulating the expression of Eph family members.},
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The basic topography of retinotectal projections is set up by chemical markers. This topography is coarse and is refined through activity-dependent development.