Show Reference: "Multiple Sites of Adaptive Plasticity in the Owl's Auditory Localization Pathway"

Multiple Sites of Adaptive Plasticity in the Owl's Auditory Localization Pathway The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 24, No. 31. (04 August 2004), pp. 6853-6861, doi:10.1523/jneurosci.0480-04.2004 by William M. DeBello, Eric I. Knudsen
    abstract = {In the midbrain auditory localization pathway of the barn owl, a map of auditory space is relayed from the external nucleus of the inferior colliculus ({ICX}) to the deep and intermediate layers of the optic tectum ({OT}) and from these layers to the superficial layers. Within the {OT}, the auditory space map aligns with a visual map of space. Raising young barn owls with a prismatic displacement of the visual field leads to progressive changes in auditory tuning in the {OT} that tend to realign the auditory space map with the prismatically displaced visual space map. The only known site of this adaptive plasticity is in the {ICX}, in which the auditory system first creates a map of space. In this study, we identified an additional site of plasticity in the {OT}. In owls that experienced prisms beginning late in the juvenile period, adaptive shifts in auditory tuning in the superficial layers of the {OT} exceeded the adaptive shifts that occurred in the deep layers of the {OT} or in the {ICX}. Anatomical results from these owls demonstrated that the topography of intrinsic {OT} connections was systematically altered in the adaptive direction. In juvenile owls, plasticity in the {OT} increased as plasticity in the {ICX} decreased. Because plasticity at both sites has been shown to decline substantially in adults, these results suggest that an age-dependent decrease in auditory map plasticity occurs first in the {ICX} and later at the higher level, in the {OT}.},
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ICx projects to intermediate and deep layers of SC.

The shift in the auditory map in ICx comes with changed projections from ICc to ICx.

There appears to be plasticity wrt. the auditory space map in the SC.

The external nucleus of the inferior colliculus (ICx) of the barn owl represents a map of auditory space.

The map of auditory space in the nucleus of the inferior colliculus (ICx) is calibrated by visual experience.

The optic tectum (OT) receives information on sound source localization from ICx.