Show Reference: "An emergent model of multisensory integration in superior colliculus neurons"

An emergent model of multisensory integration in superior colliculus neurons. Frontiers in integrative neuroscience, Vol. 4 (2010), doi:10.3389/fnint.2010.00006 by Cristiano Cuppini, Mauro Ursino, Elisa Magosso, Benjamin A. Rowland, Barry E. Stein
    abstract = {
                Neurons in the cat superior colliculus ({SC}) integrate information from different senses to enhance their responses to cross-modal stimuli. These multisensory {SC} neurons receive multiple converging unisensory inputs from many sources; those received from association cortex are critical for the manifestation of multisensory integration. The mechanisms underlying this characteristic property of {SC} neurons are not completely understood, but can be clarified with the use of mathematical models and computer simulations. Thus the objective of the current effort was to present a plausible model that can explain the main physiological features of multisensory integration based on the current neurological literature regarding the influences received by {SC} from cortical and subcortical sources. The model assumes the presence of competitive mechanisms between inputs, nonlinearities in {NMDA} receptor responses, and provides a priori synaptic weights to mimic the normal responses of {SC} neurons. As a result, it provides a basis for understanding the dependence of multisensory enhancement on an intact association cortex, and simulates the changes in the {SC} response that occur during {NMDA} receptor blockade. Finally, it makes testable predictions about why significant response differences are obtained in multisensory {SC} neurons when they are confronted with pairs of cross-modal and within-modal stimuli. By postulating plausible biological mechanisms to complement those that are already known, the model provides a basis for understanding how {SC} neurons are capable of engaging in this remarkable process.
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Cuppini et al. expand on their earlier work in modeling cortico-tectal multi-sensory integration.

They present a model which shows how receptive fields and multi-sensory integration can arise through experience.