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Probability and Measure (01 April 1995) by Patrick Billingsley
    abstract = {Now in its new third edition,  Probability and Measure offers advanced students, scientists, and  engineers an integrated introduction to measure theory and probability.  Retaining the unique approach of the previous editions, this text  interweaves material on probability and measure, so that probability  problems generate an interest in measure theory and measure theory is then developed and applied to probability. Probability and Measure provides  thorough coverage of probability, measure, integration, random variables  and expected values, convergence of distributions, derivatives and  conditional probability, and stochastic processes. The Third Edition  features an improved treatment of Brownian motion and the replacement of  queuing theory with ergodic theory. Like the previous editions, this new  edition will be well received by students of mathematics, statistics,  economics, and a wide variety of disciplines that require a solid  understanding of probability theory.},
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