Show Reference: "Learning Multi-Sensory Integration with Neural Self-Organization and Statistics"

Learning Multi-Sensory Integration with Self-Organization and Statistics In Ninth International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning (NeSy'13) (August 2013), pp. 7-12 by Johannes Bauer, Stefan Wermter edited by Artur Garcez, Luis Lamb, Pascal Hitzler
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Yay! I'm bridging that gulf as well!

My model is normative, performs optimally and it shows super-additivity (to be shown).

Bauer and Wermter use the algorithm they proposed to model multi-sensory integration in the SC. They show that it can learn to near-optimally integrate noisy multi-sensory information and reproduces spatial register of sensory maps, the spatial principle, the principle of inverse effectiveness, and near-optimal audio-visual integration in object localization.