Show Reference: "Robust sound localization using multi-source audiovisual information fusion"

Robust sound localization using multi-source audiovisual information fusion Information Fusion, Vol. 2, No. 3. (September 2001), pp. 209-223, doi:10.1016/s1566-2535(01)00035-5 by Parham Aarabi, Safwat Zaky
    abstract = {This paper illustrates the synergic advantages of a multi-modal sound localization system utilizing two cameras and a 3-element microphone array. The two cameras were used as part of a stereo feature-detection based visual object localization system, while the microphones were combined to produce a sound localization system incorporating a temporal power fusion ({TPF}) algorithm. The cameras and microphones were integrated using spatial likelihood functions ({SLFs}), which greatly simplifies the integration process. Test results show a significant improvement in the integrated vision and sound localization ({IVSL}) system's ability over that of the stand-alone microphone-array based sound localization system to accurately localize sound sources in low signal to noise situations. The {IVSL} system maintained an average error of 15 cm at signal-to-noise ratios as low as 0.5 {dB}.},
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Aarabi present a system for audio-visual localization in azimuth and depth which they demonstrate in an active-speaker localization task.

Aarabi choose (adaptive) difference images for visual localization to avoid relying on domain knowledge.

Aarabi use ITD (computed using cross-correlation) and ILD in an array of 3 microphones for auditory localization.